Jones Creek Golf Center

Jones Creek Golf Center was designed to provide an inspiring and educational environment for golf enthusiasts of all ages and levels from juniors, amateurs and PGA Touring Professionals. Whether you call it a Golf Academy, Golf Clinic, or just a place to get golf lessons, the Jones Creek Golf Center is an all inclusive and comprehensive Golf Training Facility like non other. We have the latest technology that money can buy, but more importantly, we have a team of dedicated professionals that are priceless in what they can provide. They are highly experienced Certified Club Repair Technicians, Master Club Fitters, Mental, Swing and performance fitness coaches who are REAL and current pro tour coaches. We LOVE Golf and want you to play your best! That's why we've gone to such great lengths to provide this facility to you.  We invite you to schedule a tour of the facility or look at the training programs we offer..


Our Commitment

Jones Creek Golf Center is dedicated to providing you with a golf training facility that stays on top of new innovations and the latest coaching techniques to help you perfect and master your game.

Schedule A Session

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  • Swing Coaching
  • Short Game Instruction
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