Club Repair and Fitting

Personal Club Fitting

Ask yourself this question.  If you were to go out and buy a suit, would you just grab it off the shelf hoping that it fits well in all areas?  We are all built different.  Some of us are short and have long arms.  Some are tall with short arms.  Some have steeper swings and some flatter.  All of these factors play a major role in what your individual specifications should be.  Test results have shown that a 6 iron hit 165 yards with a lie angle that is off 2 degrees equates to a shot that is 20 feet left or right of the target line.  4 degrees equates to 40 feet left or right of the target line.  No matter how good you are.  Having clubs that do not fit, will force to make some type of swing compensations and keep you from playing your best golf.   At the Jones Creek Golf Center, with the use of the Flightscope launch monitor system and gathered data, we can help you find the clubs that are best for each individual’s game.

We have accounts with all major manufacturers!

-Ping, Titleist, TaylorMade, Callaway, Cleveland-Srixon, Mizuno, Adams

Club Repair

Labor Prices (per club)

Re-Grip            $3 

Re-Shaft           $15 

Loft/Lie            $5/$30 set

Shaft Spinning   $20 

Extension       $6

Cut Down         $5

Reset Head       $10

Frequency Matching      $50/$200 set

Wedge Grind          $15

Custom Wedge Stamping $10

Custom Paint Fill             $15

Custom Ferrules $10